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India Golden Triangle Tour Packages

Delhi - the capital of India, Agra - a city of cultural legacy and Taj Mahal, and Jaipur - the majestic land of Rajput kings, form the striking Golden Triangle of India. Golden Triangle offers a scintillating mix of the cultures, architecture, forts, heritage, history, traditional values and much more. These cities together bring an epitome of Indian heritage and share resemblance of being the capitals of the significant states of India in the history.

Golden triangle tour packages let you endure the true essence of India via witnessing the globally eminent Taj Mahal, the architecturally packed edifices and buildings of Delhi and the royal & majestic grace of Jaipur.

The pleasant-sounding blend of the capital city of the country with its entire historic splendor, the soft idealism that is seen at incredible Agra, the magnificence of the Thar desert, the shining brilliance of the rising sun in quaint hill stations of the South and the grandeur of the city of Mysore; all this and more presents India at her enchanting best. And golden triangle tour packages offer our clients to experience all of this with cost competence services. One can endure the beauty of all three places and feel its ambiance with other prominent destinations of India as well.

While exploring the golden triangle of India you will come across myriads of distinctive aspects of India and we provide you effortless means to travel and endure the beauty of India so that you can have an unforgettable experience for life. The astounding monuments as well as architectural edifices of India serve as one of the dominant attractions and have never failed to appeal the travelers, since long time. You’ll be bestowed exclusive services like the deluxe facilities of a five star hotel, lip smacking food, well versed driver and tour escorts, who will endow you all the detailed information of the places, who so ever is coming etc. So, never fail to lose the opportunity to witness the true coolers of natural treasures.